You’ve Waited Too Long, It’s Now Time to Grow Your Fleet!

Join the community of 500+ bold and dependable truckers and build your trucking business together. Unlock unlimited opportunities.

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One Pill for All Fleet Headaches

Inconsistent load availability, visibility of fleet, irregular fuel consumption, low control on service quality, all add to a fleet owner’s headache. No More.

Collaborate to Thrive Faster

Provide your fleet managers with distributed access to fleet information. Enable centralised decision-making for faster growth.

Automate Operations and Grow Fleet

Growing fleet business becomes extremely difficult with manual operations. Automate tasks and shift your focus to growth.

Your Fleet Business Deserves Proper Care to Grow

Egaltrans Fleet Growth Platform brings together your fleet, freight, and finance data on a single platform. So you can make sense of your complex business operations with ease and fuel fleet growth.

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Join A Community Where Fleet Owners Grow

Premium Relationships

Join 500+ truckers and growth driven community. Build trustworthy relationships needed to take your business to next level.

Learn From the Best

Unlock tremendous growth opportunities by sharing your learnings. Gain knowledge from industry experts and veterans.

Growth Mindset

Challenging times need a mindset to grow out of the difficulties that hinder your business. That's what you get joining the club.

Don't Just Manage, Grow Your Fleet!


    Who can use the Egal Club App?

    Egal Club is designed for fleet owners and operators to grow their businesses by tracking fleet operations, finances, and trip transactions at one place.

    How do I start using the Egal Club App?

    We are currently working to launch the first Alpha version of the app. You can register now and be one of the very first customers to use the Egal Club App. We will notify you when we launch our first version.

    Where do I download the Egal Club App?

    When we launch the first version, our product team will get in touch with you to help you download and setup your app. For now, we are planning to launch the app for Android users.

    Is the App free or do I have to pay?

    We do have a free plan. Though the free plan has limited capabilities. Paid plans give you added advantages over free plan.

    What does the Egal Club App do?

    Egal Club app is designed to help small and medium size fleet owners manage their fleet operations, finances, trip transactions in one place to provide the visibility and control required to run their fleet business efficiently and unlock growth opportunities.

    What are the benefits?

    Fleet data can be complicated and if you don’t manage your data properly, it becomes nearly impossible to measure your businesses success and plan it’s growth. The Egal Club App helps you not only find loopholes in your fleet business, it shows you the ways to turn those loopholes into growth opportunities. So, your business keeps growing.

    Can I book trips on Egal Club App?

    Yes you can. Browsing the active loads in the market you can easily book trips for your fleet.

    Can I track my fleet with Egal Club App?

    Egal Club App provides you the capability to track your fleet in real-time. Using latest cutting-edge trackers, you can easily get live location of your vehicles. 

    Start breaking all the barriers of your fleet's growth