Known as the "Lifeline of India," NH44 connects Kashmir to Kanyakumari, witnessing heavy truck traffic, crucial for national trade

National Highway 44 (NH44)

Stretching from Varanasi to Kanyakumari, NH7 is a major trucker's route facilitating the transportation of goods across central and southern India

National Highway 7 (NH7)

Connecting Delhi to Mumbai, NH8 is a vital corridor for truckers, playing a pivotal role in the transportation of goods between two major economic hubs.

National Highway 8 (NH8)

Connecting Kolkata to Chennai, NH16 is a bustling route for truckers, supporting the movement of goods between the eastern and southern regions of the country.

National Highway 16 (NH16)

Linking the eastern states, NH30 is crucial for truckers transporting goods between Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal.

National Highway 30 (NH30)

 Connecting Porbandar to Silchar, NH27 is a diverse highway traversed by truckers involved in the transportation of goods across western and northeastern India.

National Highway 27 (NH27)

Connecting Raipur to Visakhapatnam, NH53 is a key route for truckers moving goods between Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh.

National Highway 53 (NH53)

Stretching from Kolkata to Chennai, NH5 is a significant route for truckers facilitating the movement of goods along the eastern coast of India.

National Highway 5 (NH5)

Serving as a branch of NH44, NH44A connects Manali to Leh, and truckers use it for transporting goods to the challenging terrains of the Himalayan region.

National Highway 44A (NH44A)

Connecting Pune to Machilipatnam, NH65 is a crucial corridor for truckers involved in transporting goods between Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh

National Highway 65 (NH65)