Top 5 New Innovations in Trucking Industry

Despite the supply chain issues of 2022, it was difficult to find trucks, trailers, and other parts for commercial vehicles, but this did not seem to have any effect on the engineering teams' inventiveness.

Fuel-Agnostic Engine Platform

It makes use of an identical base engine customised for the X15N's use of biogas with up to a 90% carbon reduction and the X15H's use of carbon-free hydrogen.

Cylinder Deactivation and Active Decompression

Ensures that a six-cylinder engine uses just four or fewer cylinders for better fuel efficiency. The system also keeps the temperatures required for exhaust after treatment in low-load and startup conditions

Ehub and Vector Reefer

The reefer provides additional propulsion for the tractor-trailer, such as while ascending a gradient. kinetic energy is captured by the electric motor and turned into electricity.

Active Side Guard Assist

It is an electronic co-driver that keeps an eye out for bicyclists and pedestrians as trucks make slow, passenger-side turns. It has an alarm system and a break engage built in.

Electric Refrigerated  Class 6 Truck

This product has four batteries that can produce 168 kWh of energy and a range of 230 km. Two more batteries increase that to 252 kWh and a 340 km range.