Bihar Sand Truckers Say "NO" to Overloading

Bihar Sand Truckers Say "NO" to Overloading

At least 2,205 FIRs registered, 4,429 trucks seized, 29.74 lakh cubic feet of sand confiscated and 2,745 people arrested in connection with the illegal sand business in the spam of 2 years.

Sand Vyawasai Sangh have vowed to take strict actions and ensure that such illicit activity is not being carried out around the village anymore

Sand is ferried through river route by cost-efficient boats and from Chapra, it is transported in trucks and therefore for most of the people there truck are the main source of income.

SP Santosh kumar said that 3 police personnel are jailed  and 20 others are suspended for their connection to illegal sand trafficking

Jitendra a truck owner said that the vow has helped them in a better way as truck life is increasing due to less pressure on tyres.

The association’s 200 members are working day and night and the impact is visible on National Highway, which used to remain perennially jammed. It is free now..