Amazon  E-trucks - the Future of 'Last Mile Delivery'

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These Electric Vehicles are equipped with

-  Automated emergency    braking

-  Front wheel

-  All wheel drive option

-  Lane keep assist

Image Source: Amazon

How are e-trucks different from other shipment vehicles

-  Designed with driver input and feedback along the way

-  Among the safest and most comfortable delivery vehicles

-  Fast and easy to control as compared to bigger trucks

-  Cost of individual shipments of last mile delivery can be cut off

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Integrated with Amazon's logistics management system, and routing & packing system

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With the integrated mapping information or delivery instructions, drivers' will now have to only focus on driving

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The Rivian collaboration will help Amazon to be carbon free by 2040, reducing carbon footprints and making amazon one of the first eco-friendly e-commerce business

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